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Donate your birthday like, Y Combinator, so you can help change the world. Y Combinator has helped create a new model for social giving. Read more to be inspired!

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Donate Your Birthday

Donate your birthday or suggest donating your organizations birthday to raise money and awareness for a cause that aligns with your mission

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Invite your friends, family, colleagues, customers and community to share your birthday mission and to donate if they want to support you

Inspire Your People and Organizations

Inspire your friends, family, colleagues, customers and community to donate their birthdays each year to a cause they are passionate about


Hey I'm Trevor! 

Phoenix, Arizona

Past YC Applicant since S2016, Future YC Startup starting in W2019

I want to inspire Y Combinator. I realize thousands of other very talented people do every year as well, so to show you the kind of value I’ll bring to Y Combinator, and more importantly the world, I’ve decided to be proactive and have analyzed a new global movement to give you my two cents on where Y Combinator should focus more of it’s attention next:

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Y Combinator is (Almost) Taking Over The World

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YC is consistently ranked at the top of the U.S. accelerators each year

YC companies have a combined valuation of over $100 billion

Since 2005, YC has funded over 1,900 startups


YC invested in Airbnb, which led to

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 2.48.15 PM.png

YC is a community of over 4,000 founders

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 2.37.02 PM.png

Nina4Airbnb inspired me to create Trevor4YC with my hope to inspire you

What's Missing?

Compared to the other high growth startups YC has invested in, YC’s penetration to fund startups that share stories about 'Birthday Missions' remains non-existent

Definition of Birthday Mission: Your story of what cause or charity you're donating your birthday towards that year. 

Good stories are full of hope

  • Charity Water's story gives humanity hope that one day everyone in the world will have access to clean water

Good stories make it personal

  • Some of the best stories connect thoughts, ideas, and passions - things that everyone has – to fulfillment, purpose and happiness – things that everyone wants

Good stories define who we are

  • Gary Vaynerchuk says it best, ‘No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.

Good stories empower the audience

  • The Your Birthday Mission is going to empower the audience to share part of their life story with the world


Why This Matters

There are things in life that every person has, there are things in life that every person needs and there are things in life that every person wants. Below are a few examples for all three:


1. Things that every person has: birthdays, stories, thoughts, ideas, and passions

2. Things that every person needs: food, water, shelter, air, and belonging


3. Things that every person wants: fulfillment, happiness, purpose, and meaning


Making Something That People Want

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? As you read above, people want fulfillment, purpose, meaning and happiness in their lives. People want to share their story, they want to be listened to and they want to feel valued.

People Need To Feel Like They Belong

Part of the reason YC invested in Airbnb is because they believed in their greater mission of 'Belonging Anywhere'. Brian Chesky says, "Belonging has always been a fundamental driver of humankind" Birthdays naturally embody this greater sense of belonging.

Let’s Inspire People In A New Way On A Special Day Everyone Has

Everyone has a birthday. Each year, your birthday is a new chapter to your life and a new chapter to your personal story. The Your Birthday Mission's vision is to reinvent and redefine how people give, on their birthdays, by thinking differently about why we give in the first place, by inspiring people to share part of their story

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What's Else Is Missing?

Amongst organizations that celebrate their anniversary, none of them know what a Birthday Mission is - yet. Soon, companies will join this birthday movement that Scott started in 2006 and Facebook implemented in 2017 for their employees so their brands can be a part of these stories too. In time, it'll be the new normal.

Did you know that the average American spends over 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime? check out some other interesting stats here

What inspired me to think about including companies to share their Birthday Missions? The answer is actually 'Who', not What. Click here to see who inspired me

Why This Also Matters

There are 19,000,000 people around the world who celebrate their birthdays everyday. Not only is your birthday a reminder of your existence, each year it's a new chapter of your personal story. Your birthday is part of what makes you human. Some of the other things that make you human include where you work, your favorite sports teams, the school you went to, where you currently live and where you've lived in the past as well

Here are some of the things that are a part of Trevor's personal story. Click on anything highlighted!

Launched on May 12th, 2014

I worked at Opendoor from February 2017 to May 2018

Established on August 11th, 1919

I'm a diehard Green Bay Packers fan and I bleed green and gold

Created on July 26th, 1848

I attended the University of Wisconsin Madison and bleed red (literally)

Incorporated on February 25th, 1881

I currently live in Phoenix Arizona and its been my home since July 2016

Admitted to the Union on May 29th, 1848

I was born in and grew up in the great state of Wisconsin

Declared a nation on July 4th, 1776

I am a citizen of the United States of America

Where To Start

We’ve already started! Your birthday is your personal platform, your birthday is a reminder of your existence and each year, it’s a new chapter of your personal story. I want to inspire you to help me share people's Birthday Mission's and stories throughout their lives.

Scott Harrison actually started this movement back in 2006 with his story creating the nonprofit Charity Water. You can see his story here. Since 2006, there have been almost 100,000 other people who have made ‘donating their birthday’ to Charity Water their story because they were inspired by Scott, his story and Charity Water’s mission to provide clean water to everyone in the world.

And in 2017, Facebook made it possible for anyone with a Facebook profile to ‘donate their birthday’ to one of over 750,000 nonprofits. You can see famous celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Tony Robbins, Jennifer Hudson and Madonna donating their birthday to a cause they believe in HERE. Soon, this will be the new normal for people and organizations everywhere - as a part of their story throughout their lives.


See what people are saying about the Your Birthday Mission here. I told you, we've already started :)

Can YC Help People, And Companies, Celebrate Their Birthday In A Brand New Way Today?

Market Challenges

Each person’s birthday comes around only once a year, or .3% of the time. However, with society being so interested in what other people are constantly doing daily through other social platforms, the emphasis of highlighting each persons most important day each year, in a different, unique, engaging and charitable way, has extreme value.

There are between 2 and 4 million apps available to download between iOS and Android. It’s really crowded with lots of options, limited space on each phone and new apps trying to get people’s attention every single day. Making something that people truly want will help us stand out against the crowd.

In 2017, Facebook took Scott Harrison and Charity Water's original idea to scale through their platform. Birthday's have been a part of Facebook's history since 2005, but they aren't solely a birthday platform. I see Facebook continuing to empower individuals to 'donate their birthday' to a cause they believe in as an incredible positive for society and the Your Birthday Mission. The YBM will add additional value to people's lives and to organizations with what Facebook's already doing.

Market Opportunities

With Facebook recently launching its Birthday Fundraiser tool, there are now over 750,000 US nonprofits where the 165 million active monthly users in America can now donate their birthday towards each year. Facebook is noisy and even though birthdays are imbedded in Facebooks history, they aren’t solely a birthday platform. The Your Birthday Mission will be.

The real opportunity is providing this concept as an option for companies and organizations to be a part of. Soon donating your birthday to a cause you believe in will be the new normal for people to do on their birthday, and organizations will want to be a part of this movement too.

All 1,900+ YC alumni companies and their teams that share 'Their Birthday Mission' will be a part of a 'unique group' through the YBM's platform. (More to come)

There are a lot of 'social media' platforms people use everyday. There will only be one 'first social good' platform. The Your Birthday Mission will be that first platform and I promise you, there is a massive difference between these types of platforms.

when people buy their products, use their services, get great reviews online, have great internal culture, a fulfilling workplace and environment for their colleagues, get good PR, praise for doing good in their local communities and get noticed for doing something charitable

companies that have fantastic customer service, focus on a purpose greater then just profits, that are mission driven and that that have social expectations for doing good, giving back and positively changing their local communities

People Love

People Complain About

companies not being transparent, ethical, honest, true to their mission or core values, for not starting and ending with a purpose, for not being charitable and giving back, and for not giving their colleagues enough of a voice for what matters to them at work and in their lives

Companies Complain About

not having good online reviews, needing a better sense of culture for their employees, finding out how to better help team members with work-life balance, and not getting recognized when they have done something good in their community


There is real value in embracing this birthday movement Charity Water started in 2006 and Facebook recently implemented in 2017. Now, birthdays are also everyone’s individual platform to share with the world what he or she cares about and what he or she wants to donate his or her birthday towards.

Consistent Inspirational Opportunities

What if our employers inspired their employees like I inspired Marlowe? 

I believe that companies will have the responsibility to try and make their employees feel this way. I believe in the future, companies will have the responsibility to be the first to donate to their employees ‘Birthday Missions’ that their employees care about if they want to donate their birthday to a cause they believe in. The companies that do this will win in the long run. 

Even though Marlowe is extremely passionate about clean water, that's not going to be everyone's 'Birthday Mission'. See what others are saying about the YBM here

Finally, you wouldn't be reading Trevor4YCombinator if it was't for a lot of people, but especially Marlowe. We met at a startup company called Zenreach and even though we weren't working together during our birthdays in January of 2018, she mentioned that Zenreach's philanthropy committee was thinking about joining the cause. That's when this all clicked for me.

If you'd like to learn more about Marlowe's story, you can read it here

Key Birthday Events In The Future As Organizations Follow This Movement

  • Peoples Birthdays

  • Startup Launch Dates

  • Company Anniversaries

  • University Creation Dates

  • Non-Profit Start Dates

  • Sports Teams Establishment Dates

  • City Incorporation Dates

  • State Founding Dates

  • Country Declaration Dates

  • World Celebration Dates

Your Universities

Your Sports Teams

Your Cities

Your States

Your Countries

Our World


Why Did I Do This?

Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with leadership, thinking differently, providing value and most importantly inspiring people. First as a kid in high school and college, and more recently as a young professional, I found myself completely enamored with how sharing an impactful story can truly change someone’s life and has the potential for making the world a better place.


On May 31st 2018, I quit my job at one of the fastest growing startups in the nation, Opendoor, with the hopes of inspiring all of you to help me change the world and reinvent the idea of charity by doing it differently and making it cool. I realize that there are millions of other people and organizations that are constantly looking to get your attention and inspire all of you too, but I’m determined to find a way to contribute to our future and make a difference for others.


To understand more of my story and to see who inspired me, you can read more here. 

Quitting OD.jpg
Quitting OD 2.jpg

Why I Love Y Combinator

I truly believe in YC’s motto and mission in ‘Making something people want’

I love how the right environment with a focus on building products while talking to users for feedback builds bridges towards making something people want

YC fosters a culture of hacking, adapting, building, integrity, and being customer focused

Being a part of YC provides the opportunity to be a part of a world class community of people and founders that are  changing the world

Why I Belong At Y Combinator 

I’ll keep this really simple. I want to make something people want, but I also want to change the world in the process. I want to provide value for people, not only on their birthdays, but throughout their lives. I want to inspire people to live a meaningful and purposeful life full of happiness and fulfillment. And I truly want to help provide value to people in need.


What better way to help people in need then by inspiring people everywhere to share their birthday stories for the good they are doing in their communities each year? Eventually, all of these birthday stories over time will become their birthday legacies.  


Hence the Your Birthday Mission.

I also belong at Y Combinator because I completed Startup School. See what I learned :) 

Where I'll Belong

I’m committed to building the Your Birthday Mission. I’m committed to inspiring you to help me inspire people and companies around the world by sharing Your Birthday Mission. The world needs more doers, the world needs more leaders, and the world needs more people who care. Now you can do, lead and care on your birthday by sharing Your Birthday Mission with the world.


Inspired yet? I know YC was founded on March 11th, 2005. What’s YC’s Birthday Mission for 2019? What are all of Your Birthday Mission’s?

If you're still not inspired, take a look at the other groups of people I'm looking to inspire to join this birthday movement too. Remember, I just said that I'm committed to building the Your Birthday Mission. Someday it will be the largest community of givers in the world. Click on each image below to see 'Where Else I'll Belong'.

Charity Water

Gary Vaynerchuk

Other Influencers

Companies and Organizations




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